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"Back in Madeira my mother used to work all day so we could have something to eat. My brother Hugo and my sister Elma also started working very early in their lifes and so I was the one who’d stay at home and take care of the housework and my little brother Cristiano…
My mother would always say to me: “Katia, when he comes home, don’t let him leave to play football before he has done his homework.” We’d always call him by the name of “Ronaldo”…
So when Cristiano would come home, I’d say to him: “Ronaldo, please go and do your homework first. Then you can go and play all you want.” And he’d say: “Okay.” And he’d go into the other room, but in our small house on the island we had two entrances. And while I’d be cooking, thinking that Cristiano was doing his homework, he’d have already sneaked out to play football with his friends. And everytime I’d get into trouble with my mother for this. He was definitely some trouble as a kid.” - Katia Aveiro [x]


Marcelo dancing to “Loyal”. Remember if you are ever feeling down just watch this and watch Marcelo drip that swag juice on yuh

This FUCKIN GUY!!!! :)

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